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Bikri is an easy-to-use online platform to maintain inventory, automate sales and enhance consumer experience.

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Are you involved in social sales?

Bikri is a platform to make the social sales easy and collaborative through a network of sellers, resellers and influencers


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AI powered sales network

Bikris AI powered sales network helps seller, reseller and influencer to manage and enhance sales

Manage sales

From bikri, you can manage your products, customers, orders and conversations in one single place.

  • Easily add, edit and list new products in your Facebook store and ecommerce website from a single centralized inventory
  • Manage and track all of the products in your inventory
  • Automatically convert your social conversations from Facebook into sales orders
  • Display orders from different channels in a single dashboard
  • Fastest delivery service
  • Integrate payment gateway to receive payments from customers

Increase sales

You can increase your sales through our Reseller and Influencer network.

  • Add Facebook store to your Facebook page
  • Push product to page or personal timeline, albums or Facebook friends
  • Social Sharing – Easily Push product to other social networks : Whatsapp, Line, Twitter, Blogspot, Email (more coming!)
  • Resellers sell your product on behalf of you
  • Infuencers promote you product to increase sales
  • Get data from your Facebook followers and export or save them

Get Sales Assistant

Automate all your sales effort with Bikri's AI based personal sales assistant.

  • Automate conversation
  • Automate sales effort
  • Sales assistant provide in depth analytics on customer behaviour
  • Retain customers through predictive analytics
  • Track all pending orders and stock
  • AI based sales assistant learns from your interaction and take over when you're away

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to most common queries, get in touch with us to know more

How can Bikri increase my sales?

Bikri has a huge network of resellers and influencers who can sell your products for yourself. Forget about the days of hassle to get more users!

How can I retain users?

Bikri platform keeps record of all your users and conversations from which you can get back to any potential customer.

How can I earn money as a reseller?

If you can resell any product, you will get a commission from the sales. You can easily earn 15-20k BDT per month.

What are the benefits for an influencer?

Influencers will get direct 10% sales commission from the products sold by their influences.

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